About Palms Cycle


Studio Rentals

Palms Cycle is the one stop shopping location for any type of bicycle related studio props, for movies, tv shows, commercials, music videos, print ads, stage props, you name it.  With your choice to rent or buy.
Current Models


( Custom Built, powdercoated Fixed Gear)

We carry a wide variety of current model bicycles for rent or sale.   We've been in the bicycle business at this movie-central location since 1930.  We know the bicycle business and the movie prop business. 

Old School Bikes


(70's Schwinn Stingray)


We are known throughout Southern California for our huge selection of old school bicycles.  We carry over 75 vintage Schwinn, Columbia, Silverking and many other brands from the '40's to the '70's.  The bikes are available to buy or rent as is, or we will fix them up to fit your specific theatrical requirements.  If we don't have what you are looking for, we can generally find it quickly.


(1889 Original Penny Farthing)

    Special Builds

If you are doing the next PeeWee Herman and you need a very special bike that is nowhere to be found or hasn't been invented yet, we will build you a bike from scratch to meet your requirements. 


We also Rent our Location,  It has been in the TV shows Judging Amy and Modern Family.


(Night View Of shop)


(Front view of Shop)